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World Championship Double Ironman 2006- Ibarra Ecuador

Event - Evenement

Event - Evenement
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WEDNESDAY, 13.09.2006

10h00 – 18h00: Free training for the sportsmen


TUESDAY, 14.09.2006

19h00: Celebration of welcome and paste supper


FRIDAY, 15.09.2006

08h00 – 17h00: Tourism by the city and province


SATURDAY, 16.09.2006

07h00: Beginning of the race, with swimming, in the Olympic swimming pool


SUNDAY, 17.09.2006

18H00: Time end limit of the race (35 hours).

19h00: Ceremony of delivery of prizes and closing.





All the sportsmen must arrive at the airport of the city of Quito, capital of Ecuador, until Thursday 14 of September. In that place, a bus of the organization will gather to them and bring until the city of Ibarra.


The sportsmen will travel calm and safe, and to its arrival to Ibarra, they will be located in a single hotel.


The sportsmen will stay themselves in the "Executive Hotel", from Thursday 14 to Monday 18 of September. The organization will pay the lodging of the sportsman.





It will be decision of each sportsman, if it wishes to stay itself in another hotel. The capacity and variety of hotels are good in Ibarra.


The organization recommends the following sites of lodging:


Hotel Ajavi:


Hotel El Prado:



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