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World Championship Double Ironman 2006- Ibarra Ecuador

Organisation and rules

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Organisation and rules
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Sport federation of Imbabura is an institution of much prestige in Ecuador, during several years has organized international competitions in different sports.


South American, American, Pan-American and World-wide championships, have been made in the city of Ibarra, a city of 190,000 inhabitants, located to 2200 meters on the level of the sea.


In the month of September, it is time of summer. The temperature that is registered is of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.


The organization has the endorsement of the authorities, of the city and province.


The security for the sportsmen is a very important thing. The police, army, power station of emergencies 9-1-1, ambulance, hospital, doctors, masajistas, will be part of the competition.


In the engineering control of the race, the judges described as the Associations of Swimming, Cycling will be working, athletics and Triatlón. Each sportsman will have a judge, in each one of the disciplines.




When finalizing the competition, the three better sportsmen in men and women, will be put under the check test Doping, that it will make the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee.


The results soon will be sent to the IUTA, for the knowledge and respective evaluation.

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