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World Championship Double Ironman 2006- Ibarra Ecuador


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During the last eight years  the city of Ibarra has received several sportsmen in the world who came to participate in our race.

Au cours des 8 dernieres années la ville d`Ibarra a recu plusieurs athletes du monde entier afin de participer a notre compétition.

The Double Ironman in Ibarra Ecuador is proud to be in the  IUTA ( International Ultra Triathlon Association ).

Le Double Ironman d`Ibara est fier d`être régit par l IUTA ( International Ultra Triathlon Association ).


In previous editions the winners have been:



Les vainqueurs des éditions précédentes:




1998                Guy Rossi                           France

1999               Antonio Fussaro                 Alemany

2000               Mathias Michl                      Alemany 

2001               Gerard Buisson                   France

2002               Pascal Pich                          France

2003               Nelson Vásquez                 Ecuador

2004               Pascal Jolly                         France

2005               Sergio Cordeiro                  Brasil

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